Exquisite Slate Wine Racks core drilled from the finest Welsh Slate.

Every single piece is entirely unique.

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I source my Welsh Slate directly from the waste piles in the quarries to ensure I can pick out the most striking and characterful pieces. No two slate wine racks are the same and each one has its own individual qualities, whether it be colours and contours or patterns and markings.

All slate wine racks are sawn at the base for stability and I then try not to saw any sides, although sometimes I have to and then these are put to one side for carving as it’s much easier to carve on a flat surfaces. Depending on customer preference, it’s usual to polish these sawn sides to remove any blade markings where it skims the slate and then polishing through a number of graded grits to finally get to a mirror glass finish.

For the natural, rugged look, some slate wine racks can be chiseled on top to give a mountain feel, but this depends on the way the slate has been cut and pillared. I try not to drill too closely to avoid the rack looking overloaded as I try to retain as much of the natural character as possible, whilst some pieces can be drilled uniform, it’s often the random drilling which works best.

Complete an interior room design by dressing a table with complementary slate coasters, placemats and candle holders. Slate whiskey trays are also available to complete a collection.

Nothing is wasted from the slate wine racks and the cores are immediately split down as coasters. If left for a while to dry, the slate then toughens again and makes splitting with the chisel more difficult and less uniform, resulting in messy splits and finsihes, so I always aim to split straight after coreing out. The coasters are then oil’d and felted to finish. Some cores we retain as complete cores and then centrally drill again with a smaller 30mm diameter core enough to then place a candle in.

Nothing is wasted. If we do make mistakes and pieces split, then these are smashed down further and used as slate chippings and sold by the bag. Any offcuts after sawing and sold as rockery pieces. Nothing goes to waste and nothing goes to landfill.



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