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5 bottle hole slate wine racks
Slate Wine Racks

Exquisite Slate Wine Racks core drilled from the finest Welsh Slate.

Every single piece is entirely unique.

Photos are for reference & illustration only.

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slate book ends with custom engraving
Slate Book Ends

Natural, rustic Slate Book Ends.

Sawn base and sawn in two to create matching pieces.

These can be engraved aswell.


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Gin & Tonic Rack GT10
Slate Gin & Tonic Racks

Slate drilled with two different size holes in the same piece.

Smaller holes for Tonic and larger holes for Gin bottles.

This product can be configured to custom requirements.

Please complete the enquiry form to get a quote.

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Slate Bottle Ledge by Contemporary Slate & Stone
Slate Bottle Ledge

Showcase a favourite gin bottle with this beautiful Slate Bottle Ledge, perfect for showcasing a favourite wine or gin.

Available as a stunning piece of finished stone, an engraved version or with illumination.

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Welsh Slate Champagne Cooler by Contemporary Slate & Stone
Slate Coolers

A single solid piece of slate, chiseled and then core drilled but not right through.

Nothing complements champagne better.


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Slate Trophy by Contemporary Slate & Stone
Slate Trophies

Slate Trophies are all very bespoke and designed to meet individual requirements.

These are generally either a single sturdy piece or a slightly thinner piece fixed to a base.

Complete the enquiry form to get a quote for Custom Slate Trophies.

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Slate Candle Holders by Contemporary Slate & Stone
Slate Candle Holders

Custom Welsh Slate Candle Holders drilled for tea lights and finished by hand.

3 sizes available to buy online.

Every piece is unique.

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Slate Coasters
Slate Coasters

Slate Coasters are the perfect complementary table product for our slate wine racks and placemats.

Available to buy online in 90mm circular & 100mm square designs.

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Slate House Sign
Slate House Sign

Slate House Sign.

Slate House Numbers.

Created to your bespoke requirements.


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Slate Placemats
Slate Placemats

Slate Placemats by Contemporary Slate & Stone are the perfect complement for our slate wine racks, gin ledges, champagne coolers and coasters.

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slate whiskey tray
Slate Whiskey Trays

Slate Whiskey Trays are perfect for displaying whisky glasses and a decanter or bottle.

Recessed holes are carved out for 3 glasses, making it safer to move when loaded.


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